Cityland Real Estate Development (Cityland) is a Dubai based conglomerate that is committed to creating and building centers for entertainment in the UAE.

As the creator and operator of the unique and hugely popular Dubai Miracle Gardens and Butterfly Gardens, Cityland brings together the landscaping expertise of its sister company AKAR Landscaping Services & Agriculture, with the commitment and network of its experienced Abu Dhabi partners and its own creative capacity and operations expertise to provide an exciting and distinct proposition in Cityland Mall.

With their experience in creating original entertainment and places of natural wonder, Cityland’s proposition is to mix the two worlds to create exceptional experiences for visitors and residents alike. Cityland Mall is the latest project to follow this approach bringing a unique urban park to the center of a highly convenient and accessible Mall.

AKAR is a leader in landscape design, management and maintenance working with private sector client and government agencies such as Dubai Properties, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi Municipalities to keep the country’s beautification program at its extraordinary level.

The Abu Dhabi partners have expansive experience in developing large and complex projects including malls across the UAE through their TMKN Property real estate development and management company.